PIAA Live Conference Call – 724-812-0787

The PIAA course is vast and there are very few places to watch much of the race. If you watch the start/finish you will not see much of the rest of the race. If you watch near the middle, you can see the runners a few times but will miss the start and finish. There are some remote areas where you might catch a glimpse of the runners but not for long.

We have setup a conference call where spectators can talk to each other during the race and share what they see and are experiencing. This is an informal call which could become nothing more than live audio of a bunch of loud and cheering fans/parents? We will attempt to announce finish place and times of our UCC runners. Of course, these results are unofficial :).

Feel free to listen in by calling 724-812-0787 at 10:15 am for the girls and 12:30 for the guys. We will not be able to hear you but you will be able to hear us. You might not get detailed and specific information about your favorite runner but you will be able to get a taste of our excitement!

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